A Few Must-Know Actions About Anavar

Anavar is one of the most popular anabolic steroids on the market at present. Although the drug was first developed for use in the late 1960s, it became popular with both men and women bodybuilders as it could be used safely and it resulted in an immediate gain in muscle mass. At present too, Anavar is quite popular with athletes and bodybuilders. If you are considering the use of Anavar in your workout regimen, here are a few things that should know about it.

The How’s and Why’s of Anavar Steroids

Anavar ( AVR) or Oxandrolone acts on the same process as testosterone. That means it activates the same receptors or locks present on different cell membranes just as testosterone. As a result, Anavar causes the same effects as testosterone but on an elevated level. However, as we all know, steroids also have side-effects. So is it really worth it to use AVR in your workout regimen? Why not stick to simple supplements that will provide a safer boost of health to your body? Well, you are right in thinking this way. Any drug taken in excess will have side-effects. However, the beneficial effects of AVR outweigh the side-effects that are seen with constant use of this steroid. We’ve listed the most common beneficial effects seen with AVR right here.

Improved muscled mass and fat loss – AVR seems to cause a sudden increase in muscle mass by boosting the body’s protein metabolism. This means that if the athlete has a protein-rich diet, he or she can expect a weight gain or as much as 10-15 kgs in a single cycle. This is combined with a fat burning mechanism which burns the fat cells that are located in and around muscle bundles. The end result is that each muscle group looks larger and well defined and extremely lean. Anavar steroid in particular seems to burn a huge amount of abdominal fat resulting in well-defined and lean abs. This effect is not as much as clenbuterol but it is quite significant and very beneficial to bodybuilders.

Stronger bones – This steroid seems to have a huge boost on bone strength. AVR was initially designed to treat osteoporosis and this effects continues when it is used in bodybuilding. Athletes should add extra calcium to their diet to ensure that bone strength increases and results in better fitness and overall endurance.

Same hormone can be used by men and women – Very few anabolic steroids can be used by men and women and Anavar is one of them. This hormone has the same effects on both men and women and it results in substantial weight gain and fat loss in both genders. The gains also seem to stay static with no water retention. As a result, these beneficial effects make AVR highly desirable with both men and women.

Plateau busters – For bodybuilders, plateaus are common in which no matter how much you work out, you do not gain weight or build mass. This is a stressful time as nothing seems to break the plateau. In these cases, AVR is great as it helps you break the plateau and gain weight even with the same routine that you are doing at present. In fact, immediate gains are seen with the the use of AVR and this can be a huge motivating factor for bodybuilders. The best part is that these gains are not water-related and the weight gain remains stable post-cycle as well.

Side effects – AVR is great as the side-effects are minimal. The hormone does not convert to estrogen and this means that the typical female side effects do not crop up. It does not seem to have a substantial effect on blood pressure and it is light on the liver as well. Women, specially, do not require PCT with this hormone and this reduces the load on the kidney and liver. Men do require PCT but most of these side-effects are tightly controlled with the right dose of PCT and AVR. Another beneficial effect is that it has a very short half-life. That means it does not linger in the body and it is broken down and excreted quite quickly. This also means that you will have to take AVR pills two to three times daily to ensure a consistent blood level of AVR and to gain beneficial body effects.

As you can see, these effects are highly desirable and they do result in an increase in muscle mass and bone strength. Of course, you may experience side-effects as well but if you use the correct post cycle therapy during your steroid regimen; most of these effects will be reduced or mitigated completely. You can now buy anavar easily online through any major medical website. You can order from international websites but you should know some countries prohibit buying and importing Anavar tablets or Anavar pills. However, you may be able to circumvent these rules as Anavar for sale will be listed, sold and delivered to your home under a different brand name. In this case we do urge you to check with your state/country’s legal rulings before you buy Oxandrolone online. A word of caution: we do urge you to check with your physician in case you have chronic health issues. Please be very careful while using steroids when you are a diabetic or if you have high blood pressure and associated heart conditions.

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