Increase Lean Mass With Superdrol!

Superdrol is a steroid of the anabolic family. It is basically a brand name of methasteron or methyldrostanolone. It hit the market around 2005 and gained high popularity thereafter. The steroid in its crudest form was banned in 2011 by the US FDA. However, several of its cousins are still sold over the counter.  It is known to posses the quality of enhancing protein synthesis in the body while retaining nitrogen. Both these functions are evidently very useful for the body. Protein synthesis would help increase muscle mass while nitrogen is a necessary part of our blood. Nitrogen deficiency may lead to several disorders. The steroid is also known to increase reb blood cells (RBC) count in the blood.

Superdrol is known more for its lean mass increasing ability than any other reason. It is also known to improve metabolism which is very useful in carrying out routine body functions. A mere improvement in metabolism gives you a feeling of freshness, and strength in body. You feel filled with energy during the cycle. It can also be used during cutting cycle. When a person wants to lose weight without losing lean tissue, this steroid would be of great help. Superdrol has the ability to preserve lean tissue during the cutting phase. Cutting cycle is associated with burning more calories than you consume. If you are taking this steroid during this cycle, you can build strength and endurance and lose weight at the same time. If you want a dryer and harder look, Superdrol is for you. Not only does this steroid increase endurance, it also improve recovery rate.

It is more or less considered a dietary supplement and marketed as a designer steroid. It was never touted for its medical abilities. You can buy Superdrol online as well but always make sure that whatever you get, it should be legal. Don’t look for unwarranted discounts or cheap superdrol for sale otherwise you run the risk of buying sub-standard supplement that would be no better than trash. Always buy from trusted and recognized brands who have a reputation of delivering quality.

Consumption, Caution and Results

The dosage generally includes one or two capsules or pills with food once a day. During the intake cycle, it is advisable to consume higher carbohydrate diet to increase the effect of Superdrol. This would help you in gaining quality weight. The drug is available in injectable form as well but is difficult to obtain. Anyways, injection is not the preferred way of taking this drug. It is advised that you take this drug under observation and stick to the schedule.

There have been many cases in the past when people got greedy with the substance and bore the brunt of several of its side effects. Abuse means taking overdose, increasing the frequency or extending the consumption cycle beyond the advised one. You should note that this drug is harsh on the liver. You should not combine any other substance with Superdrol unless advised by the expert. You should refrain from alcohol consumption before, during and after the cycle. There are many supplements in the market that can be combined with a regular dose of Superdrol during the cycle.

You can expect gains of 15 pounds to 30 pounds in a matter of four weeks. Weight lifters reported a gain in strength that allowed them to lift weights around 20 per cent heavier than normal. It is a ‘difficult to break down’ steroid and should not be continued beyond the six week cycle. Further, its high masculine qualities may cause loss of hair on the head while increase of hair on rest of the body. However, it is still considered a mild steroid as compared to many others of the same family.

Keep in mind to follow a post cycle therapy to reduce the side effects to their minimum. Nolvadex and Rebount XT are popular during the post cycle therapy.

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