Intro To Winstrol And Its Effects (Positive And Negative)

Also called stanozolol, winstrol is a steroid used to become hard and lean. It’s primarily an oral anabolic steroid that’s used during cutting cycles, to lose body fat. Winstrol steroid is a dihydrotestosterone (DHT) variant, which means you can look forward to similar fat-loss positives typical of any other DHT steroid. For the majority of users, winstrol steroids are cheaper replacements of anavar, and they’re much more widely available on the grey market. Due to A-ring’s modification, winstrol is quite different with its unique cutting traits. This is why winstrol is extremely popular among bodybuilders and the reason why they buy Winstrol.

Like with the majority of DHT-related steroids, you need not worry about winstrol tablets or winstrol pills contributing to estrogen conversion. Interestingly, stanozolol can decrease the high-density lipoproteins (HDL) level and augment low-density lipoproteins (LDL) level, which is something almost all steroid consumers could benefit from. However, the LDL/HDL topic is still not scientifically backed, and it’s purely based on anecdotal evidence. Winstrol can lower the level of globulin that binds sex hormones, much more than other available steroids. Let’s talk about the benefits in much more detail in the subsequent paragraphs and learn why you should buy winstrol for sale or buy winstrol online, or otherwise.

Winstrol Dosage/Cycle

Typically, winstrol can either be administered orally or as an injection. Injections are liquid-based and aren’t much convenient; tablets are much easier to swallow. As far as dosages are concerned, the optimal dose for men is 40 to 100 mgs each day, and it’s 5 to 15 mgs per day for women. The higher dosage end for ladies is close to 20 mgs, which is only ideal for female fitness competitors and bodybuilders. Also, regardless of whether the consumption is in the form of injections or as oral supplements, the dose remains the same.

Winstrol drugs should be administered for a six to twelve-week period, with dosages usually around 50 mg every day. Serious athletes or professionals may up the dosage count to 100 mg. But since Winstrol is liver-toxic, you need not take more than what you need.

Positive Effects

The effects of winstrol are multi-faceted and it isn’t just a muscle-enhancer or builder. It helps athletes develop their speed and strength sans adding bloat or bulk. The drug is also known to add to bone health.

Winstrol is approved for usage in humans, with doctors having used the supplement for treating anemia, osteoporosis and staving off wastage courtesy AIDS-related disorders. Veterinarians also use winstrol for improving mass and appetite of cattle prior to their slaughter.

Winstrol enhances protein synthesis, increasing the androgen receptors output. It pushes the muscle to store nitrogen, thereby increasing muscle growth. Also, the steroid inhibits estrogen effect and doesn’t stick to estrogen receptors. The drug also impacts sensitivity to or proliferation of many human growth factors, which address multiple bodily functions.

Winstrol’s physiological effects on the body could assist athletes produce impressive training results. But, like with all steroids, the results could bring along some long-term and/or short-term side effects as well.

Side Effects

In men, winstrol’s negative effects are similar to most anabolic steroid effects, which is an immediate decline in natural testosterone production. Winstrol is much lighter with its androgenic and anabolic effects; therefore, the testosterone production effect isn’t as severe compared to a stronger androgenic and anabolic rating. However, users must take testosterone during their winstrol cycle. Men keen on bulking would also add some Deca in their Winstrol cycle.

There are several reports floating about winstrol’s ability to decrease testicular size and hormone production. According to a 1982 study on horses, similar to other steroids, winstrol did in fact had a negative effect on stallion sperm count. Most of the texts on sperm count and steroids indicate the sperm count would regain normalcy after halting the steroid’s usage. The effect of winstrol on fertility rates could be a cause if you are looking into starting steroid usage and also expanding your family simultaneously.

Winstrol doesn’t affect the cardiovascular system; however, there are no positives either. Despite track athletes’ interest in the steroid, winstrol won’t help with cardiovascular system functioning. Winstrol could augment LDL cholesterol levels, which may contribute to a heart disease possibility. Also, winstrol’s androgen binding could make the body churn out increased levels of lipid, which causes vasoconstriction and leads to increased blood pressure problems. Winstrol use could increase the total red blood cells (RBC) count in the body, but that won’t mean increased cardiovascular performance.

Winstrol Effects in Women

As aforementioned, winstrol is probably the mildest steroid around. Female athletes consider the drug for its “fat-burner” reputation. The steroid offers female users the same results, but the side effects aren’t the same.

Similar to other anabolic steroids, females could develop male-like traits at any dosage level, which includes a deepened voice, hair loss, and a bigger clitoris. They could undergo an unhindered menstrual cycle because of the impact on the sex hormones.

Some female athletes worry using winstrol and a contraception simultaneously. Both these drugs work on the sex hormones, and in the process of creating an impact, both drugs may end up not working. The majority of amateur endocrinologists from the bodybuilding world say taking winstrol and hormonal contraceptive in tandem is perfectly fine. However, winstrol’s influences on birth control aren’t clear, thanks to insufficient scientific data available on the topic.


Using winstrol wisely can result in marked athletic performance improvements. You could get stronger and acquire speed if you are into a sport that requires such abilities. Besides administering winstrol under the supervision of an expert or medical practitioner, also ensure you buy the real thing, since there are quite a few winstrol replicas floating around.

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