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Parabolan, an anabolic steroid was initially used in France to treat people suffering from various forms of osteoporosis. It was also used in the treatment of many types of muscle wasting diseases and malnutrition. However, since this is such a powerful androgenic supplement, there was a challenge issuing it to children, especially female children and elderly females as well. This steroid contains 5 times the androgenic power of testosterone. Parabolan was very popular in France on the prescription drug market, but was discontinued in 1997 by the manufacturing company. This was largely due to the fact that there was much negative hype about the use of anabolic steroids during this time. This prompted various pharmaceutical companies to discontinue use of many anabolic steroids, especially those ones used by athletes for training, strength and endurance purposes.

The good news is that Parabolan still exists on the market today. Although there is still a small amount of it being manufactured today, it may be worth the effort involved in getting it when you think about the various uses it has for Athletes and those who want to lead a healthier lifestyle. Athletes use Parabolan for various reasons. Since it contains 5 times the androgenic strength of testosterone, it is ideal for body builders who are interested in bulking, cutting and gaining strength and endurance. Another advantage of this steroid is that you do not need excessive doses to get the desired effect. Just a small dose of Parabolan brings on the desired effect. Due to the properties of this steroid, there is no water retention or bloating caused by taking it. So you avoid any Estrogen related side effects that come from using other anabolic steroids. The overall result of using Parabolan, is a leaner, more masculine body and increased strength and stamina. Of course, in order to see these results you need to invest in the appropriate diet and get into a training regime that delivers results.

Parabolan is referred to by many body builders as the “nectar of the gods” because it is a priceless addition to any body builders cycle. It not only makes an excellent pre-contest drug, but is ideal for fat loss and cutting. When it comes to physical appearance, Parabolan’s extreme androgenic nature gives body builders that hard and masculine look that is sought after by all competitors. However, to achieve this “3D” effect you need to ensure that your body fat is low enough to see these results.

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One of the other reasons that Parabolan is sought after by Athletes and body builders is that it contains the unique ability to carry out food partitioning. This simply means that when you take this steroid, the food that you eat is converted into muscle instead of fat. Athletes have also noticed that they experience faster recovery times, when on Parabolan. This is because it contains various properties that promote the regenerative growth of cells and muscle tissue.

Parabolan for Sale

This steroid should not be used for more than 8 weeks consecutively. You should also be taking it with a post cycle supplement of your choice. You should so your research and find out what PCT works best with this steroid. Since it can also be hard on your liver, it is advised that you consume between 7 to 9 glasses of water per day, to reduce the negative effects of Parabolan on your liver. You should also consult a medical professional prior to starting this cycle if you have any medical complications that could be made worse by the use Parabolan. It is not recommended for children, young adults under the age of 21, females and pregnant women. Proper use of this steroid should be adhered to in order to get the best results, possible. So even if you miss a dose, do not take a double dose thereafter. A missed dose, must be forgotten and a single dose can be taken thereafter.

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