Should You Use HGH?

The very name HGH or Human Growth Hormone suggests what the hormone will do. You take it, you grow, right? Right; but there is a catch. Growth occurs in children and young adults and slows down once you cross the age of 20. After this even though HGH is released by the pituitary gland, the actual rate of growth slows down .

Why Use It Them? Why Is It Important?

Also known as Somatotropin, this peptide hormone stimulates growth in young adults. It causes cell reproduction resulting in human development. In addition to overall growth in children and young adults, Human Growth Hormone steroid also influences the calcium pathway, increases muscle mass formation, breaks down fat, stimulates the growth of internal organs, maintains hormone levels in the body, encourages the burning of sugar to produce energy, promotes the thyroid organ and ensures a healthy immune system. These actions are beneficial to bodybuilders and athletes who use Human Growth Hormones to build muscle mass, strengthen their bones, burn fat, increase endurance, reduce fatigue, and ensure overall fitness.

How Does It Work?

Human Growth Hormone steroids have a very interesting mechanism of action. It follows the traditional lock and key system that is used by other hormones. When the HGH steroid hormone is released by the pituitary, it enters blood and floats all over the body to different tissues. Almost every tissue in the body carries a lock or receptor for HGH supplement. When Human Growth Hormones reach the lock, it acts as a key that activates or opens the lock and carries out the action designated for that cell. This means that the receptor or lock present in bone, muscle and cartilage will be induced to make more bone, muscle and cartilage respectively when it is activated by free floating HGH steroids. As a result, bodybuilders and athletes add Human Growth Hormone supplements to their workout routines and to their supplement routines to ensure better muscle, cartilage and bone growth.

Where Can I buy HGH or Find HGH for sale?

Almost every one website lists Human Growth Hormone online for sale. All you have to do is go online, and use Google to find the top websites retailing HGH tablets, HGH pills, or injectable Human Growth Hormone for sale. Once you’ve found a reliable site, make sure you order HGH pills for sale in a small quantity. Try the pills out first for quality and effect. If you are satisfied with the quality, you can then buy Human Growth Hormone online in a larger quantity.

HGH Pills vs. HGH Injectables: I am Confused? Which is The Best HGH Supplement for Me?

Please note that there is a significant difference in the type of HGH online. When you buy HGH online in the form of pills and tablets. These Human Growth Hormone tablets, Human Growth Hormone pills, and Growth Hormone pills do not contain active HGH as HGH is very delicate. It is unavailable in powder form and will not act on the human body in powder form. As a result, these pills and tablets contain something known as HGH releasers. These releasers may be in the form of amino acids, hormones, sugars, and other herbs that increase the release of endogenous HGH. Medical grade HGH is available only in injectable form. In this form, the HGH will be pressed into a wafer and sold in a small 10ml vial. Users have to inject bateriostatic water into the vial and the liquid is allowed to percolate into the wafer. The liquid is then injected subcutaneous or intramuscular to achieve the desired effect. You can buy Human Growth Hormone in pill or injectable form. However, you should know that the pills work much more slowly than the injectable form.

Dosing For HGH Pills and For HGH Injectables

1.For Pills – The dosing process for HGH pills and tablets will depend on the manufacturer’s instructions. Most brands recommend about two to three tablets to be taken daily before workouts to have the best effects. You can increase the dose but do not exceed the dose indicated on the bottle or jar.
2.For Injectables – Injectable HGh has to be taken in the form of a cycle. It can also be stacked or combined with other medications to have a synergistic effect. Ideally, you can use anywhere from 2IU per day for anti-aging requirements. The injections can be taken anytime of the day but make sure you follow a consistent schedule. The best time to inject will be before sleep. This is when the body also releases its largest amount of endogeous HGH. In case of bodybuilding, 4IU of HGH can be used. When you are having such a high dose, please break up the injections and spread out the dose over the entire day. 8-16IU of HGH are also given but this is usually indicated for burn injuries. These high doses are usually accompanied with side-effects but most of these effects are minor. Please note that injected HGH changes the person’s blood sugar level. This is dangerous if you have high blood sugar. However, you can use HGH by starting with a small dose and then increasing your dose by increments. This will mean about 2-3 weeks of building up HGH over time. Similarly, you can taper down the dose over 2-3 weeks to gradually phase out the HGH. You should know that users have reported blood sugar fluctuations even after phasing out of the medication.

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