Starting A Steroid Cycle Safely

Whether your goal for starting a steroid cycle is to boost your performance or enhance your physique, your first concern should be safety. When used for therapeutic purposes, anabolic steroids are considered to be safe, but if abused, even the best steroid stack combination out there will become dangerous. Here is a list of the factors that you need to keep in mind before you begin taking anabolic steroid for muscle or strength gain.

Don’t Take Steroid When You Are Under 25 Years

Don’t be deceived by the photos of professional bodybuilders in a popular bodybuilding magazine. Never begin taking steroids before you hit 25 years. In fact, if you must use steroids, it is important that you have been training professionally or lifting weights for at least five years. Between 12 and 26 years, the hormonal levels in a man’s body are on a steady rise. Beyond 26 years, the hormonal levels start tapering off, and by the age of 40, they will be just a fraction of their peak levels. Introducing anabolic steroids during early stages of life (before 25 years) will be counterproductive and can lead to numerous side effects including stretch marks, stunted growth, water retention, organ failures, and gynecomastia among others.

First Cycle Should Be Testosterone Only

Ensure that your first steroid cycle only contain testosterone only—and no other anabolic steroid. In fact, you can repeat it many times because with properly planned off-cycles, it will surely give you the desired results. All human beings produce testosterone and it is therefore considered as the best primary anabolic steroid. In most steroids cycles, it is also considered as the safest anabolic steroid because the body is already producing it and, therefore, used to it. Injecting testosterone provides you with the opportunity to gauge how your body will react to other exogenous steroids, including other advanced options in your steroid stacks plan. If your body shows horrid reaction to testosterone, there are high chances that it will show even worse reactions to even the best steroid stacks online that your physician will recommend.

Avoid Stacking Multiple Steroids at a Time Unless Necessary

Unless instructed by your doctor or steroid stack expert, there is no reason to stack more than two steroids in a given cycle. The more anabolic steroid you inject in your body, the more stressed your organs will become. This means that the potential side effects that you are likely to experience will also be more severe.

Keep Your Steroid Cycles Short

Long steroid cycles are associated with a host of problems. Accordingly, the best steroid cycle should not extend beyond 4 weeks with the recommended duration being 2 to 4 weeks. As you can guess, the main reason why it is important to keep your steroid cycles short is to avoid the many side effects that may result. The longer the steroid cycle, the longer the time your body will take to renew its production of natural steroid such as natural testosterone.

Bottom Line

Anabolic steroids are never replacements for good diets and proper exercise. While you may realize some level gains in the beginning, without proper workout and nutrition, you will definitely have troubles hanging on to it when you are through with your steroid cycle. You can always achieve your natural limits by properly adjusting your food intake, taking foods that will effectively build your muscles, and following your training program as planned by your best steroid cycles training expert.

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