Your Journey To Getting Your Dream Muscles With Anadrol

Simply taking anabolic steroids does not guarantee you automatic muscle gains. You need the right steroid dosages to realize any positive results. Besides, taking the right steroid dosages will protect you from any potential side effects that are associated with incorrect usage of the product.

Like other steroids, knowing a few facts about Anadrol as well as the correct dosage that you should take at a given time is very important if you want to leverage on the numerous benefits that the steroid provides. It is the beginning of your journey to realizing your muscle growth dream.

What are the benefits of taking Anadrol?

Anadrol or Adrol tablets are among the most trusted steroids in the market. Some of its top benefits include:

• Faster results that are noticeable with a few weeks of usage

• Recommended for beginning a bulking cycle

• It is cheap and readily available—the main reason why it is popular among beginner and experienced steroid users

• Low binding characteristics and can be safely stacked with other anabolic steroids

• Boosts appetite and increase your body’s red blood cells

• Enhancing protein synthesis and nitrogen retention in your body cells

• Can lead to rapid mass and weight gains when appropriately stacked and with a good PCT

• Reduces joint pains that are often experienced during workouts

Whether you buy Anadrol 50 online or from a local vendor, it is very crucial to use it properly to achieve your dream results. Taking a good post cycle therapy (PCT) and knowing how to protect your liver is also advisable before starting any Anadrol cycle.

Are There Any Adrol Side Effects?

Anadrol for sale are readily available in a wide range of online stores. Before you order any form of the steroid, however, it pays to know the potential sides effects that are associated its use. Some of the most common side effects that anadrol users experience include high blood pressure, acne development, and estrogenic based effects such as gynecomastia among other effects.

Anadrol Dosage

Typical Anadrol tablets have half-lives of about 16 hours. Accordingly, it is recommended to administer Anadrol pills or injectibles in a daily basis. Generally, Adrol pills/capsules have lower bioavailability compared to the injectible options. In fact, this is the main reason why many bodybuilders and athletes are opting to get the most of their money by going with injections. As a rule of thumb, never use Anadrol oral with another oral steroid nor should you use it for more than 8 weeks at a time.

Nonetheless, the right dosage of Anadrol varies from one individual to the next. Overall, most men do between 25 mg and 50 mg of the steroid per day for roughly 4 to 6 weeks. When using injectible form, it is highly recommended to measure carefully the amount that you take. When you want to take 25 mg per day, for instance, you simply break the Anadrol 50 mg  pills into half.

For beginners, it is very important to start at the lower end of the recommended dosage considering that potential side effects of the steroid can sometimes be harsh. 25 mg in a day is recommended for the first 2 weeks of using the steroid. From here, you can advance to 40 to 50 mg of Anadrol in a day if you body can endure the potential side effects well.

Upper Range of Anadrol steroid dosage

For majority of users, a dosage of 25 to 50 mg of Adrol often produce great results. Depending on the experience, however, other people often choose to go for Adrol 50 plus or upper range doses. Generally, if you body can tolerate it, there is no problem of upping your the steroid dose to 75 mg, 80 mg or even 100 mg per day.

However, taking more than 100 mg is not necessary. In fact, doing such high dosages can result into more side effects without increasing your mass gain results. There are studies that have even suggested that increasing the dosage of Anadrol to 100 mg can result into reduced cravings, which can further inhibit your developments.

Stacking with other Steroids

For better results, you can stack Anadrol steroid with other anabolic steroids. For instance, you can safely stack it with testosterone pills or Anavar pills. Although you can also stack the steroid with other common anabolic steroids depending on your preferences and bulking requirements, it is important to remember that the severity of the side effects can increase or reduce depending on the type of steroid that you choose to stack it with.

Anadrol and Women

Oral steroids like Winstrol, Primobolan, and Anavar among others can be safely used by women. However, Anadrol is not a great choice for ladies because of its ability to cause serious virilization effects (development of male characteristics). These may include deepening of the voice, clitoral engagement, acne, increased body and facial hair among other effects. So unless you are a lady  who is focused on a sex change, it is advisable to steer clear of Anadrol steroids.


Anadrol remains a powerful anabolic steroid that is loved by many athletes and bodybuilders. Not only does this versatile steroid increases your muscle mass faster, but it also boost your strength, reduces your post-workout pains and fatigue, and improves your stamina. With many dosage options to choose from, you are free to incorporate Anadrol in just about any steroid cycle imaginable.

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